Amber Freeform Cabochon - Lime Green - Rare

Bright Lime Green Amber Cabochon 

Cut: Cabochon Freeform

Clarity: transparent with small pieces of plant or animal fossils, may contain small bubbles

Colour: Lime Green

Mohs Index: 2 to 3

Untreated, Natural

 Never steam or Ultrasonic clean. Can become molten when machine buffed, hand polishing a must.Can react with some glues and resins causing discolouration, melting or corrosion.

Please note that the stone purchased may slightly differ to the one shown.

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Picture of Amber Lime Green - Cabochon - Freeform - 28 x 16mm
Amber Lime Green - Cabochon - Freeform - 28 x 16mm
Extremely Rare Lime Green Baltic Amber with beautiful inclusions 

Cut: Cabochon Freeform

Size: 28 x 16mm
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